Tuesday, 29 March 2011

damani parturated



Blood has been shed 2ruout the history.secularism is @ its brink.the communal forces claim that bleedin for ones religion is the modem for attaining moksha..evil practices like animal sacrifice, rakth abhisheka -done by the earthly demons to please the gods @ the displeasure of humanity.shia muslims bleed by whipping themselves.
                                                v do al the above mentioned deeds which is not mentioned in our religious texts n often neglect,rather forget,the good deed-blood donation which our scripts have been highlightin.

blood is ones lifeline.if sharing it will infuse life into others,then thats the best one can achieve in his lifetime.this service rendered wil b the rent paid for our room on earth.its wen u give of urself,not ur possessions,that u really give

having been amidst patients al these years n seen their plight for a pint of blood
v the students of prestigious medical clg-bmcri-take pleasure hereby 2 announce the unveilin of our voluntary blood donation team ....

                           DAMANI-THE BMC BLOODLINE

v make a living by wat v get,but v make a life by wat v give-as truly said by someone is wat drived us into this.

unless someone like u cares a whole awful lot,nothing is going 2 b better.it wont.
23rd march-india's martyr day-the day wen shaheed bhagat singh,shaheed rajguru n shaheed sukdev sacrificed themselves for our blood.wat else could v have asked for,but for this day 2 kick start our campaign.few bmcites donated blood n hope this cycle of bleeding for others prevails......

this campaign(referred henceforth as she) conceived few months back,with good antenatal care has been delivered @term on 23-3-2011 in bmcri under the supervision of stellates.FTND.she has 2 b nurtured,taken care of n has to fulfill the meaning of her very existence.u all being her parents its ur imbibed duty to help her to flourish-thrive-magniloquently.....
                                                                                                    D/O BMCITES.

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